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Awesomatix A800RA Touring Car Kit - Aluminium

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The new Awesomatix A800R Touring Car Features:

1. Compact shorter lower deck with an all new shape.
The new shape of the lower deck allows the car to dive and roll more without excessive rubbing on the track.
Combined with the new carbon lower arms the wheelbase remains same as previous kits.

2. New dampers.
New dampers have an even lower center of gravity. New dampers provide independent adjustment of the damping level and the suspension spring rate.
New dampers have 2 build-in modes - for progressive damping and for linear damping.
Smoother operation at low-speed damping and improved characteristics at high-speed damping are the key improvements of our new dampers.
The added ball bearing in the damper-suspension linkage provides noticeable reduction of the adverse initial friction during the suspension operation.

3. New rear body holder.
The new design of the rear body holder reduces the weight and the polar moment of inertia.

4. New battery holders.
The new design holds the battery in place more securely and allows for easier adjustment for various battery lengths.

5. New front bumper plates.
The new design of the front bumper plates is determined by the noticeably shorter front end of the lower deck.
Front body posts remain in the same position, but the new lower bumper plate continues with the trend of reducing chassis rub.

6. New carbon lower arms.
New lower arms have a swept design towards the four corners of the car, a shape that is defined by the shorter lower deck and new dampers.

7. New bulkheads.
The new design of the bulkheads is inspired by the shorter lower deck, new dampers and new lower arms.

8. New sway bars.
The new design of the sway bars is determined by the narrower lower deck and new lower arms.

All above features combined together provide the reduced total polar moment of inertia and the lower CG for A800R car!
This new model is able to change the direction way faster which means it's more agile and responsive. The new car also finishes the run stronger due to a significant decrease in chassis rub.

Carbon chassis version (A800RC) and alloy chassis version (A800RA) will both be available.

All transmission parts, motor mount and top decks are compatible with current A800MMX car.