Volante V6T 36R Platinum Pre-Glued (ATS Control Tyre)

V6T-PG36R - Pre Glued Touring Car Tires (With ABS Rim)
This is the control tyre of touring car for all rounds of the Australian Touring Series in 2018/19!

Fresh in 2018, the new Volante V6 Tires have been developed to bring you the longest lasting, most consistent tire on the market. Formulated from different tougher rubber, we have combined the aggressive profile of the Volante mould with the rubber to back it up, meaning you get a fast, consistent tire with minimal drop off. They are now mounted on a new ABS Rim, developed by Volante to provide a more stable and consistent driving feeling, with extra glue adhesion. 

We suggest using these tyres for practise at the ATS Rounds. You will be required to purchase race tyres for qualifying and finals at the event.