Premium Ceramic/ABEC7 Bearing Set for Xray T4

RC MAKER Full Ceramic/ABEC7 Steel bearing set for the Xray T4 Series ('17-'19)

Using Ceramic for the drivetrain and ABEC7 Steel for the hubs gives the best balance of longevity and performance. The ABEC7 bearings have extremely tight tolerances and prevent developing slop and "notchiness" developing. These bearings will outlast your car! 


3x6x2.5mm Bearings X 2 (Steering)

5x8x2.5mm Bearings X 4 (Steering)

5x9x3mm Bearings X 2 (Centre Trans)

5x10x4mm Bearings X 8 (Wheel Hubs)

10x15x4mm Bearings X 4 (2 Front Diff, 2 Solid Axle)