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R1 Wurks Volta 17.5T Premium Brushless Motor

THE ALL NEW VOLTA LINE OF MOTORS ARE HERE!!! The Volta motors lines up right next to our proven V21-S with 13.5,17.5,21.5 and 25.5 turn options.

This motor produces a ton of punch, mid range and top end. The sleek can design is made for maximum cooling characteristics which helps with this motors efficiency during the longer runs. When testing these Volta Motors with team drivers, we were jumping triples in offroad that nobody else could consistently, with minimal fade during the run.

These motors come with the All New Volta Long Rotor for maximum torque/ overall performance out of the box, no need for any upgrades! The Volta line also allows for quick disassembly and easy access to the sensor board when/ if needed.

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RCRA/BRCA/EFRA Approved (ROAR Approval Pending)

#880001 – VOLTA 13.5 Motor 
#880002 – VOLTA 17.5 Motor 
#880003 – VOLTA 21.5 Motor