R1 Wurks Digital 2 Program Card

For use with the brand new R1 Wurks Digital 2 ESC, this unit makes adjusting settings on the ESC super easy via the external programming port. 

Includes Program Card, PC-Card cable and Card-ESC servo cable.

19 Programmable Functions:

  1. Operation Mode
  2. Reverse Speed
  3. Low Volt Cut off (Battery Protection)
  4. Drag Brake
  5. Initial Brake
  6. Full Brake
  7. Brake Frequency
  8. Power Level
  9. Drive Frequency
  10. Neutral Dead Band
  11. Temp Cut Set
  12. Boost Timing
  13. Boost RPM
  14. Boost ACC (Boost Timing Acceleration)
  15. Turbo Timing
  16. Turbo Slope
  17. Turbo Delay
  18. Rotation Mode
  19. Restore Default

Download Program Box Manual.pdf