R1 Wurks 30mm 8.4v Premium Fan

R1 Wurks 30x30x15mm PREMIUM FAN 8.4 VOLTS (9-11 Grams of Thrust/CFM) 

The R1 Wurks Premium High Speed Cooling Fan 8.4V is one of the most powerful 30mm cooling fans on the market. It packs some serious punch generating 9-11 Grams of thrust!  

The power and cooling efficiency of the R1 Wurks Premium High Speed Cooling Fan 8.4V will enable you to extract the maximum performance of your motor while simultaneously prolonging its life.


  • Generates 8 grams of thrust at 6 volts
  • Easily plugs into an available ESC fan port, or can be wired directly to an 8.4V source
  • ROAR Legal


  • 8.4V maximum input
  • Dimensions 30x30x15mm
  • Install with 15mm clearance from the motor for optimal air flow and to prevent interference