Geo Carbon Rear Steering arm set for Awesomatix

Optional Rear Steering Arm Pair for A800/X/EVO and A700/EVO.

  • 30% lighter, less unsprung weight providing faster direction change
  • 3mm thick, super durable and strong
  • Precision CNC cut from high quality 3K Gloss Carbon
  • Same geometry as AM23-1

To use these parts please note these points:

- You will need spare AT21 balls to replace ST24, or use ST24 with a nut.

- ST03 ball will sit 1mm higher than normal due to 1mm thicker material than standard part, so ensure you adjust shims accordingly.

If this is your first time purchasing this part, we recommend purchasing the whole set for a discounted price, Carbon Front and Rear Steering Arm Set for Awesomatix