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3D Pro Direct Mount Adjustable Fan Shroud for XRAY X4 (30 & 40mm)

Introducing our brand new directly mounting, adjustable fan shroud for the XRAY X4!

This revolutionary directly mounting fan shroud screws straight to the spare hole in the motor-mount on the XRAY X4 Touring Car. With our fan shroud, there is no need to purchase any after market fan mounts, or tape anything. The fan shroud screws directly to the motor-mount and floats the fan and shroud assembly off the chassis for uninterrupted flex.

The assembly is also adjustable in two axis', in/out by adding screws behind the bracket or towards or away from the motor. This is a great feature as you can tune how close the fan is to your motor depending on the gear ratio, or what class you drive!

The shroud itself has been optimised to direct the air towards the motor, without smothering the fan and reducing the RPM. Many fan shrouds on the market today, whilst directing the air, smother the fan and actually cause less air movement. We've used a scale and fan mounting system to determine the impacts shrouds have on the movement of air towards a motor and have ensured there is absolutely no loss of air volume with our shroud!

Our direct mount fan shroud can be used with our Floating Electronics Plate for the X4 too. It comes in both 30mm and 40mm variants depending on which fan you run.

The set includes a lightweight 3D Printed, Pre-Tapped Fan Shroud for smooth installation, with super lightweight aluminium hardware required for installation of both the shroud, and your fan. The carbon bracket is pre-installed on the shroud with 2x M2.5 screws with a press fitted threaded insert.


  • Mounts directly to the motor-mount with no fan mount or tape required
  • Increases volume of air flow over the motor, reducing motor temperatures
  • Floats Shroud and Fan Assembly off the chassis for uninterrupted flex with two axis adjustment for weight balance/cooling hole alignment on motor and gear ratio/class ran for tuning the distance from the motor
  • Works with our Floating Electronics Plate
  • Includes super light aluminium mounting screws, carbon bracket and press-fitted threaded insert.
  • 3D Printed in Australia from the highest quality PLA+ Filament