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3D Pro Turnbuckle Tools for Awesomatix

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Introducing our brand new turnbuckle tool to make building turnbuckles on your Awesomatix a breeze! Anyone who owns an Awesomatix knows how many turnbuckles you need to assemble. Its arguably the most painful part of the build!

Well not any longer! These tools make it really easy to turn the P13-4 and P01(X)/P02 ends, making your turnbuckles straighter and more effortless to assemble and maintain.

Made of 100% solid 3D print, you can be sure they will stand the test of time, with no breaking or deforming. We guarantee this with a lifetime warranty on breakage when in use.

Most effective when used in conjunction with a turnbuckle wrench to hold the middle of the turnbuckle when screwing from each end.

Fit all of the following:

  • P13-4 Ball Cups
  • P01
  • New P01X included in the BDL Set
  • P02

Suitable for A800R, A800MMX & A800FX!

Available now!