ABS - Adjustable Body Shift Set

ABS Adjustable Body Shift Set

Adjustable Body Shift set provides +/-3,5mm ( 7mm total range) adjustment of longitudinal position for body shell and for front foam bumper.  It provides a fine adjustment of car's aerodynamics balance and eliminates a necessity of preparing several bodies with different  positions of holes for body mounts.


ABS set includes: 

  • AM05-3 Rear Holder
  • AM99  Bumper Plate
  • AT68   Bumper Post  x2
  • P15H-3 Foam Bumper
  • SB3X10  M3x10 Button Head Screw  x4
  • SH7.4  Serrated Shim  x2
  • SH1.0  6x3x1mm Spacer  x4