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Adjustable Floating Electronics Plate Set for Awesomatix A800MMX/A800R - Carbon (12g)

Introducing the latest evolution of our industry leading floating electronics plates, for the Awesomatix A800MMX/A800R! 

Placing the weight down low, in the best position, whilst having absolutely no impact on the flex of the car, the AFEP for MMX is the perfect option for adding weight! With both brass and carbon options, as well as an even heavier brass plate option, you have all the tuning options you could ever want to achieve the desired balance. The AFEP system can also be shimmed out from the motor-mount to further increase the tuning adjustability.

Since the beginning, a major advantage of AFEP has been; being able to remove the electronics from your car with only two screws. Simply undo the two screws holding the AFEP Bulkhead to the Motor-mount, and your electronics are off. Your electronics stay taped to the plate at all times... making swapping chassis and maintenance a breeze!

Total Weights:

  • Standard Carbon AFEP Set: 12g
  • Standard Brass AFEP Set: 23g 
  • Brass AFEP Set with Option 25g Weight Plate: 35g

If you aren't up to weight and need to add more weight down low, then the brass set is for you! HERE

If you realise at any time you need more or less weight, you can always buy the plates separately and mix and match to whatever best suits your needs. All 3 of the AFEP Plates are interchangeable onto the AFEP bulkhead. 


  • Adds 12g of weight down low, in the most required place on the car
  • Floats off your chassis by 0.5mm to prevent chassis tweak or flex imbalance
  • Ability to be shimmed out for further balance adjustment 
  • Removable by two screws for easy maintenance
  • Interchangeable plates to adjust to the weight you require
  • Pre-assembled with all required mounting hardware
  • Fits both the Awesomatix A800MMX and MMXA with AM177 Motormount
  • Manufactured from High Quality Brass and Carbon in Melbourne, Australia