Awesomatix A800X Chassis Build Pro Service

Electronics Install

Have you ever wanted the perfect Touring Car Build?

Now, you have the chance to have your Awesomatix A800 built by a 3 Time Australian Champion, ranked #17 in the world. Ryan builds all of his car with the utmost precision and care, ensuring your car it is at peak performance from the moment it hits the track. Your car will be built and set up, down to the finest details, so all you have to do is install electronics!

Your car will be installed with our basic asphalt setup, tweaked and put on the setup station to set every aspect of the cars geometry.

We can build a car you have already purchased, or you can purchase this build with your brand new A800X. Any option parts you wish can be added throughout the build.

Ryan offers the most friendly and helpful after sales support, with industry leading knowledge to help you get the utmost performance out of your Awesomatix Touring Car.

Don't underestimate the value of having a perfectly built car, we promise you won't be disappointed.