Awesomatix A800X Asphalt

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Awesomatix A800X Touring Car Kit

(Carbon Chassis) 

Chassis Kit or Ryan Maker Pro Build

The Awesomatix A800X is the latest Innovation of Awesomatix's famous and industry inspiring A800 Belt Drive Car. Turning heads everywhere, this revolutionary technology is industry leading, and a new benchmark within the industry. Awesomatix are the leaders in developing premium components and influential ideas, bringing you the latest Awesomatix A800X in 2017.

This platform car several proven Awesomatix design features such as carbon A Style lower A-arms, rotary dampers and dual link-type upper arms. The car features a slightly modified chassis shape and thickness, with symmetrical cutouts and recessed areas for optimised flex characteristics. The centralised position of the belts greatly reduces the chance of the chassis becoming tweaked under load. Additionally both the motor and battery sit nearly 4mm closer to the centre line compared to other cars on the market to allow for a very centralised weight distribution.

Another part of the all-new drivetrain package, is the one-piece motor and layshaft mount that is located on the centreline of the chassis, to make for tweak-free chassis flex. Furthermore the new layshaft design allows to easily swap the spur gear in seconds without removing the top deck or centre pulley. Other features of the A800 are the keyed bulkheads and motor mount for precise and straight mounting of all parts while the bulkheads, lower arms and alloy steering blocks are the same front and rear, left and right which reduces the need for carrying many parts. On top of that, the kit includes a redesigned top-deck with multiple flex options. This car features an extra lightweight front spool, gear diff and centre pulleys make for improved acceleration and reduced power loss.

The new A800X Builds on several industry leading features of the A800, taking them to the next level, whilst also providing greater value than ever!

NEW on the A800X

  • *New 2.2mm Carbon Chassis with updated flex, suspension and drivetrain geometry
  • *New 2mm Top deck with innovative flex adjustment
  • *New Linear Steering Rack – LS1 as standard
  • *New Ball raced sway bar system
  • *New Integrated droop adjustment
  • *New AM06WL hubs for improved geometry
  • *New C04M1 carbon arms with optimised shape as standard
  • *New Bulkheads and motor mount for optimised diff position
  • *New SPR02X Damper Output Shaft
  • *New P110 Eccentric holders for altered diff height
  • *New AM17X Damper holders with limited A and B adjustment
  • *New ST130 30g Centre weight
  • *New AT03BX Spool

A800 Platform Specifications:

  • Suspension system with D2.2 rotary dampers, A-type lower arms and top links
  • Very centralised motor and battery position
  • Centralised belt position for reduced chassis twisting
  • Spur gear changes within seconds
  • Extra lightweight front spool, gear diff and alloy centre pulley
  • One piece motor mount attached exactly on the centre line of the chassis
  • Motor mount integrates chassis flex tuning options to handle various grip levels
  • Chassis designed with symmetrical cutouts and recessed areas for symmetrical flex
  • Alloy central chassis stiffener for multi-step flex tuning option and increased longitudinal stiffness
  • Top deck allows for even greater flex tuning than ever
  • “Keyed” bulkheads and motor mount for precise arrangement on the chassis
  • Additional 10 g and 5 g weights with flex affecting option 

Ryan Maker Pro Build

Have you ever wanted the perfect Touring Car Build?

Now, you have the chance to have your Awesomatix A800 built by a 3 Time Australian Champion, ranked #17 in the world. Ryan builds all of his car with the utmost precision and care, ensuring your car it is at peak performance from the moment it hits the track. Your car will be built and set up, down to the finest details, so all you have to do is install electronics!

Your car will be installed with our basic asphalt setup, tweaked and put on the setup station to set every aspect of the cars geometry.

Any option parts you wish can be added throughout the build, and we also have options on installing electronics supplied by you, or purchased through us as well.

Ryan offers the most friendly and helpful after sales support, with industry leading knowledge to help you get the utmost performance out of your Awesomatix Touring Car.

Don't underestimate the value of having a perfectly built car, we promise you won't be disappointed.