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Brass LCG Adjustable Front Ballast Weight Set for XRAY X4F (100g)

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Introducing our Brass LCG Adjustable Front Ballast Weight Set for XRAY X4F (100g)!

Placing weight over the front drivetrain where it's needed most has become a common trend in the front wheel drive class! This places weight over the front tires which reduces wheel-spin and increases steering. 

These weights attach to the spare hole in the chassis inside the front suspension arms, below the driveshafts. 

They weight 50g each and can split into two pieces. An internal pin locates the top weight on the bottom one so they cant pivot on each-other. The weights can be installed with just the bottom 32g piece to give a total of 64g, or the additional top weight can be attached for the full 100g. The weights are pre-assembled at 100g.

Since the weights are held in with only one screw, we have supplied some thin rubber anti-slip adhesive tape which can be attached between the chassis and the weight to prevent it pivoting on the screw in a crash. We suggest sticking this tape onto the weight where it will contact the chassis, and trimming around the edges. Locate the weight hole and ream it out with a body reamer so the screw can go into the hole. Install some light thread lock and tighten the weight until its firmly in place and seating down into the rubber anti-slip tape so it can't pivot.


2x Bottom Weights (64g)

2x Top Weights (36g)

Internal pins, all required screws & rubber anti-slip adhesive.