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Brass "SLIM" LCG Battery Weight Plate (37g)

Brass "SLIM" LCG Battery Weight Plate (37g)

Introducing our brand new LCG Battery Plate for "Slim Batteries". With the aim of moving the weight moment towards the centre of the car to reduce weight away from the centre line, slim batteries weigh significantly less than a full size battery. Therefore we need to add weight under the battery to bring it back up to normal weight, which is required to meet the weight limit and balancing. Our 1mm plate simply attaches to the underside of your battery via the pre-installed ultra thin double sided tape.

This will bring the battery weight up to roughly 275g, which is the perfect weight for balancing your chassis! We recommend purchasing one for each battery, and taping to the battery rather than the chassis, taping to the chassis can cause unwanted, asymmetrical stiffening of the chassis.

It doesn't have to end there! Check out our new floating battery mounts for Xray, T4, Awesomatix and Yokomo, which integrate with this brass plate and actually float your battery roughly 0.4mm off the chassis super easily! This heavily reduces the impact your battery is having on the flex of your chassis.

Weight plate features:

  • CNC Machined in Australia, from high quality 1mm brass
  • Laser engraved RC MAKER Logo
  • Weights 37g in total
  • Includes Pre-Mounted ultra thin double sided tape to tape directly onto your battery!
  • Integrates with our new floating battery mounts for Xray, Awesomatix and Yokomo