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Carbon Bulkhead/Topdeck Flex Dampener for XRAY X4

Introducing our brand new  bulkhead/Topdeck flex dampener for the XRAY X4!

The idea came about due to the directly straight link stiffening the bulkhead and caster flex too much, and the removal of this brace on the X4 provides too much flex in this area which can make the car inconsistent and also prone to bending bulkheads. The main issue was the bulkheads flexing together under compression of the suspension, or apart under cornering causing inconsistency in the handling and the inability to tune to different tracks, which can now be minimised with these brand new flex dampeners!

Made from machined down 3mm carbon, they attach to the front bulkheads (and topdeck if desired) directly and provide consistent dampening (restriction) in both inwards and outwards directions of the flex either on the bulkheads at the very front, or of the topdeck front or rear. 

We believe this brace is an absolutely key tuning option for the X4 chassis, and now instead of only "On or Off" directly straight braces, we provide medium options to give the perfect balance for your track. The brace keys into the front bulkheads meaning the brace cannot pivot under the screw and cause any tweaking, it will always remain tweak free.

The brace when used on the front bulkheads, clears both the anti-roll bar and spool pulley (at all belt tensions and diff heights) and does not need to be removed when removing the spool or anti-roll bars. The brace, whilst thin in the centre is in a very protected spot where force will unlikely be exerted, providing for great durability and consistency. 

Here is a list of options for this area of the car ranging from hardest to softest

  • Direct Kit Brace (Hard)
  • RC MAKER Bulkhead/Topdeck Flex Dampener (Medium)
  • No Brace (Soft)


  • 1x RC MAKER Bulkhead/Topdeck Flex Dampener