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Carbon Damper Guard for Awesomatix A12

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With the Awesomatix A12 designed predominantly for carpet racing, we have developed these Guards for the Awesomatix Damper. When racing the A12 on Asphalt, the bumps can cause the damper to bottom out on the asphalt, burring the edges. This then interferes with the damper levers smooth rotating action.

We have developed this guard which simply tapes onto the bottom of the damper and protects it from such damage. Pre-Installed with super thin 0.1mm Double Sided Tape, these 0.5mm carbon plates will stay stuck to the bottom of your chassis and wear instead of your damper and beloved aluminium chassis plate.

When worn out, simply peel them off and replace with fresh ones. However you should get a good 50-100 runs from these depending on how bump your track is.

They are split with notches either side to allow measuring Ride Height and Droop with Awesomatix's RHG4.2.

When applying, be sure to clean the damper surface thoroughly with alcohol or motor spray to ensure it is free from oil or residue. 


  • Protects damper and chassis to reduce wear and prevent damper binding
  • Easy installation and replacement when worn
  • Comes Pre-Installed with Ultra thin 0.1mm double sided tape to minimise the height of the damper guard.
  • CNC Machined in House from 0.5mm 3K Gloss Carbon Fibre