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Carbon Upper Bulkhead Set for Mugen MTC2 (2 Dot)

Introducing our brand new carbon upper bulkheads for the Mugen MTC2!

These 2.5mm CNC Machined Upper Bulkheads allow more flex on the caster axis and provide improved traction for your MTC2 Chassis! 3 Different Versions provide different caster settings for all tuning options front and rear!

Front Caster is a great tuning option to balance between high and low speed steering. Less caster provides more low speed steering for technical tracks, while more caster provides more high speed steering for fast, flowing tracks.

Rear Caster on modern chassis' defines the rear wheelbase. More rear caster shortens the wheelbase for smaller, more technical tracks where rotation from the rear is required. Less rear caster lengthens the wheelbase which provides support and stability for more open, high speed tracks where confidence in the rear is required to push.

  • 1 Dot = 1-2 Deg Front, 0-1 Deg Rear
  • 2 Dot = 3-4 Deg Front, 2-3 Deg Rear
  • 3 Dot = 5-6 Deg Front, 4-5 Deg Rear

The plates use the original pill inserts and also feature the same thickness, leaving all geometry unchanged!


  • Increased caster flex for more traction
  • Increased caster adjustability front and rear (1-6 front and 0-5 rear)
  • Same geometry as standard parts for direct replacement
  • Ultra Lightweight for lowered centre of gravity
  • CNC Machined in Australia to high tolerances