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CentraFlex 1.6mm Topdeck for XRAY T4'20

Introducing our latest evolution of topdeck for the Xray T4'20! Based off our globally popular CentraFlex design for the Awesomatix MMCX Topdeck, it builds on our foundations of believing in centrally located flex on touring cars. 

Several of the latest Mid Motor cars have entirely split front topdecks. The reason for this is so that they can wrap around the front belt and still be symmetrical. Our testing has shown that this "split" design can cause an imbalance in flex characteristics which was never before an issue on rear motor cars, however on today's Mid Motor cars can cause the car to be inconsistent and nervous, whilst having reduced on power and high speed steering.

Our CentraFlex is joined in-front of the spur gear, providing a much more centralised flex point. We have proven the "single side" design over the spur gear to be a consistent, tweak free solution and in testing found both physically and handling wise, the car was very balanced on left and right corners.

As well as handling benefits, our CentraFlex brings several fitment benefits:

  • Increased clearance between the front face of the motor and the topdeck for when the car is under high flex load
  • Increased clearance between the edge of the motor and the topdeck to fit all brands of motors, and all classes and sizes of pinion/spur combinations without any grinding of topdeck or motor
  • Easier installation and removal
  • More durable design around the motor (a weak point of the standard chassis)

The CentraFlex topdeck is available in 2mm and 1.6mm thicknesses. Refer to the reference guide in the photos to see what most suits your conditions! 

Manufactured in Australia from the highest quality tools and materials to guarantee perfection!