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Cyrul 3DFX eXcelerate No Prep Rear Drag Tire - GEN2 - White

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Introducing the NEW eXcelerate Gen2 Rear Tire!! The "prep" tire side of No Prep Drag Racing has seen a massive increase in track grip and mph over the 2022 season. With these developments, it was time to make a tire specific to the unique demands. The Gen2 eXcelerate rear tires have been redesigned from the ground up with no dimension left untouched to make it one of the lightest, fastest and most versatile tires heading into the 2023 racing season. Even the compounds are all new in order to create maximum grip from the starting line to the finish. 

V4 Belt - The only part of the tire carried over from our previous was the sucessful V4 belt that was developed to handle the increased speeds and loads of r/c drag racing.

These products are also designed to have equal mounting bead diameters for improved stability, consistancy and forward grip!! These rubber fit our exclusive 2.6" mounting bead rims available in Looper or Super V styles.

Ultra SOFT = White

Super SOFT = Pink

SOFT =  Purple 

Break in process - Light scuff with 400 grit just to get the initial shine off the tire - OR - simply put the tire on the car and drive around a little doing some "S" turns and light hole shots to remove the scuff. NO AGGRESSIVE SANDING NEEDED!!