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Cyrul 3DFX eXcelerate No Prep Rear Drag Tire - V4 - Soft - High Temp with Prep (Purple)

NEW V4 Belt Created to meet the rapidly increasing speeds of No Prep Drag Racing, we went back to the drawing board with an all new belt and revided carcass interior to increase durability while increasing performance.

No Prep Drag Racing eXcelerate Radials. Extremely high quality rubber combined with a tough yet flexible belt for maximum grip without ballooning. These products are also designed to have equal mounting bead diameters for improved stability, consistancy and forward grip!! These rubber fit our exclusive 2.6" mounting bead rims available in Looper or Super V styles.

SUPER SOFT = Yellow 18

SOFT = Green 22

SOFT - High Heat = Purple

Break in process - Light scuff with 400 grit just to get the initial shine off the tire - OR - simply put the tire on the car and drive around a little doing some "S" turns and light hole shots to remove the scuff. NO AGGRESSIVE SANDING NEEDED!!

Included: 1pair
Mounting Bead: 66mm
Width: 50mm
Diameter: 107mm