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Digital Caster Gauge for Mugen MTC2/R

Introducing our Digital Caster Gauge for the Mugen MTC2!

The design of the MTC2 means that caster is adjustable, however racers have discovered that a range of variables can cause the caster to be misaligned left and right, front and rear.

We've developed a new plate which now allows you to use the Digital Caster Gauge on the Mugen MTC2! The beauty of the digital gauge, is it allows you to measure the caster on your car without the use of a setup station. This allows you to check the caster on the fly, and ensure the settings are correct left and right. 

The Digital Caster Gauge slides onto the top of the hub without the removal of the screw (only loosening), and fastens in place upon tightening of the outer hub screw. This locks the caster gauge in to ensure the most accurate reading possible! 

The gauge has 0 to 90 deg functionality in 0.1deg increments. It comes with batteries installed and is ready to use! It also comes with a protective case to ensure no damage when in transit to and from the track!