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Digital Caster Gauge Set for Schumacher Mi9

Introducing our Digital Caster Gauge for the Schumacher Mi9!

The Digital Caster Gauge gives a direct “actual” caster angle reading straight off the hub.

This gauge locates on the top of your hub, in the same position the caster tool would. It is firmly attached to a carbon plate which sports a square recess with slot, requiring only loosening of the screw just as our conventional caster tool does. After insertion, it will locate and lock into position perfectly.

The caster can then be adjusted in 0.1 degree increments to ensure it is exactly the same on all 4 corners of the car. If also allows you to make very fine setup changes of half a degree, something which regularly proves to be inaccurate on conventional setup stations.

The Digital Caster Gauge can be used on all major setup stations, even if they do not support caster adjustment through caster markings. It is an entirely separate measuring device which relies on no part of the setup station itself to measure the caster. This ensures when copying setup sheets and other drivers’ setups, that the caster measurement is real and not from a specific brand setup station.

The accuracy of this gauge is incredible. We have referenced several angles to ensure the accuracy always precise and consistent. Testing has shown that all devices are within 0.01 degree tolerance across a 6-degree caster range of the Schumacher, ensuring you can replicate your caster settings time and time again. Every Digital Caste Gauge is tested prior to selling and perfect calibration is ensured every time.

You can use this gauge on any angle pit bench/setup board, because the “zero” function allows it to zero to whatever angle surface you are working from. Zero it on your pit board on each side before use, and you will have accurate measurements all day long!

It comes with a protective  pouch to ensure it stays brand new, as well as the AAA Battery for operation which can be easily replaced when flat.