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Floating Electronics Weight Plate Set for XRAY T4'20/'21 (Carbon)

Introducing our brand new Floating Electronics Weight Plate Set for the XRAY T4'20 in Carbon!

You don't need to add too much weight, want to keep things inline, but want the benefits of the floating electronics - here is your answer! Weighing in at 12g for the set, 10g of that being close to the centre of the chassis with 2g being the carbon plate, you are adding minimal weight to the motor side of your chassis! The plate attaches to the often unused antenna mount hole. If you still want to use this antenna mount, you can use an extra long screw through the lower weight, and thread the antenna mount on-top.

The plate itself is 1mm thick and weighs in at 2g. The set coming in at 12g is a good way to float your electronics without too much extra weight!

Another added bonus, is you can change chassis or clean your car, and simply remove your RX, Transponder and Fan simply by undoing one screw! No more annoying double sided tape. Simply tape your electronics to the plate, set and forget! 

If you are after more weight for your car, we recommend purchasing the brass plate set version and/or 20g weight plate option.

The carbon set comes packaged in a high quality black magnetic lid box with RC MAKER logo on a clear front window, ensuring the plate is kept in perfect condition in transit. 


  • Standard Carbon Kit: 12g
  • Standard Brass Kit: 22g

Option weight plate can be purchased by clicking HERE

Kit Includes: 

  • 1x 1mm Carbon Plate (2g)
  • 2x 3mm Brass Screw on Weights (10g)
  • 1x 0.5mm Floating Plate Shim
  • 1x M3x5 Countersunk Stainless Screw
  • 1x M2.5x5 Countersunk Steel Screw