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GeoCarbon Wing Support Set for Touring Cars

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Introducing our new GeoCarbon Wing Mounting solution for Touring Cars!

Developed for serious racers, it is designed to protect the wing, and wing strut in crashes, as well as provide maximum downforce and efficiency from the wing. The "L" shaped design can be switched to left and right to fit different bodies and wing positions, and offers rearward and outer wing chord support.

Flexing of the wing in high speed straights and corners can lead to unpredictable handling. This is due to the wing folding back, but also, when the wing folds back the sides of the wing lift up to even further increase the detrimental impact. Our side facing supports minimize this lifting, which also in turn minimises flexing of the wing backwards. This creates an overall more stable wing in every direction!

Also included, is an adjustable carbon fibre support for under the bodyshell. This clamps the wing and body between two pieces of carbon, providing more support and stiffness. It can be shifted forward or backwards to suit different bodies and wing positions.

The set is complete with 2 lightweight alloy screws, 2 lightweight alloy nuts to provide the ultimate lightweight, stable solution to mounting your wing!


  • Lightweight and strong carbon and alloy construction
  • Prevents unwanted wing flex in several directions
  • Fits all touring car bodies
  • Can be re-used time and time again
  • Integrates with Anti Tuck Wing Mounts