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Horizontal Rear Post Body Mounting Extension Plates for ZooRacing (2mm Play)

We're excited to present our new 2mm Play HRP Extensions (ZooRacing) for our HRP Mounting Set! 

An aftermarket option part to our original super popular HRP Body Mounting Set, we now have an additional option, which allows 2mm of vertical travel in the rear, as opposed to the standard version which is fixed. 

This movement allows the body to move upwards by 2mm over its resting position, which:

  •  Improves the car over curbs due to the body being able to move when touching the curb, rather than transferring the force to the chassis
  • Reduces the impact the body has on the flex of the chassis. The chassis can twist underneath the body through the slots, without the body limiting the flex

This is very difficult to achieve without using our HRP Body Mount system, as it will reduce the strength and rigidity of the body substantially. With our system, we are able to achieve this movement without any reduction in strength whatsoever. 

These extension plates are a direct replacement for the standard ones, just unscrew the standard one and install these, ensuring you put them on correctly with the hole offset facing outwards.

There are in total 6 versions of these extensions, as we have to make different offsets for Zoo and Xtreme, as well as 3 different length versions. 

These extensions are made for the ALL Zoo Racing Bodies, just select the correct one for the car you're using:

1. Short (32-39mm) - Suits most cars with shock tower mounted posts like Xray T4'20/'21 (100-102mm spacing) (Refer to measurement guide to check yours)

2. Long (39-46mm) - Suits most cars with purpose mounted posts like Mugen MTC2 and Awesomatix A800MMX (100-102mm spacing) (Refer to measurement guide to check yours)

3. Yokomo BD10LC - Suits the Yokomo BD10LC with wide mounting posts (108mm)

If you have purchased the HRP Body Mounting Set already, select the same 2mm Play extensions as you are currently using.

Measurement Guide