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R1 Wurks 2021 V21-S Ultra Premium - 21.5T (Hand Picked Stator)

R1 WURKS 2021 V21-S  Ultra Premium - 21.5T (Hand Picked Stator)


Introducing the Brand new, redeveloped R1 Wurks V21-S Ultra Premium. If you thought the V21 was fast, wait until you try the V21-S! Massive improvements in all areas including punch, top end and brakes. Developed together with engineers and team drivers, the V21-S proves to be once again one step ahead of the competition. This motor is what other companies will be releasing next year.

Why hand picked stators? Lowest resistance stators are at the pinnacle of all types of motor tuning. Low resistance delivers the highest possible performance gain out of any motor tuning combined. This motor is assembled with a stator that is hand picked, hand picked stators are the lowest resistance stators available in our warehouse at the time of purchase. This stators are only guaranteed to have the lowest resistance at the time of purchase, based on what we have available on hand  using our measuring equipment. This will come with a printed resistance numbers, with individual phase resistance and overall average resistance. 



  • Proprietary R1 Stator Laminate Material 
  • V21-S Stators designed using computer simulation technology
  • Epoxy bonded end wind
  • Ultra low resistance collector ring
  • Reduced resistance compared to V21
  • Aluminium timing ring included
  • Improved punch, top end and brakes
  • Increased cut outs for improved cooling efficiency 
  • Factory aligned sensors