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RUDDOG Racing RP542 OUTLAW 13.5T 540 Stock Sensored Brushless Motor

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Introducing the latest star in the RUDDOG Racing family, the RP542 OUTLAW 13.5T 540 Stock Sensored Brushless Motor. This motor, specially designed for the boosted Stock class, raises the bar for performance to a new level.

The improvements over the standard RP542 are substantial. A newly designed winding package is specifically tailored to meet the demands of the open Stock class with Boost and Turbo Timing. The standard large cooling openings of the RP542 not only reduce the weight of the RP542 OUTLAW but also increase airflow, resulting in a reduced operating temperature.

The RP542 OUTLAW comes equipped with high-quality ceramic bearings, ensuring smooth and efficient performance. For use in the open Stock class, the motor features a specially optimized OUTLAW rotor.

An appealing red-black anodized motor housing is another highlight of the RP542 OUTLAW. This motor isn't just a power source, it's also a visual statement on any racetrack.

Technical Specifications:

  • Winding: 13.5 Turns
  • Dimensions: 35.9x51.6mm
  • Weight: 159.5g
  • Bearing Type: High-Quality Ceramic Bearings
  • Replacement Bearings: RP-0347 RUDDOG Racing RP542 | RP541 Ceramic Brushless Motor Bearings


  • Competition motors of the RUDDOG Racing product family
  • Newly designed stack for better power delivery
  • Precision sensor
  • Lightweight motor housing with optimized airflow
  • Special OUTLAW rotor
  • Specifically developed for Boosted Stock classes
  • High-quality ceramic bearings
  • Red-black anodization

Info: The OUTLAW version of the RP542 motor has no EFRA nor DMC approval. This Motor has been especially developed for the open stock class.