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SlimFlex 2.0mm Carbon Topdeck for Yokomo BD11

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Building on our range of Carbon Fibre Flex Options for the Yokomo BD11, we are excited to introduce our new SlimFlex 2.0mm Topdeck!

Our new SlimFlex topdeck features our signature narrow footprint. Due to the large forward flex bias of the BD11, we have shifted the flex point quite far rearward compared to the standard topdeck which flexes mostly in the front witha  very solid rear. With the BD11 being an aggressive "twitchy" car, we found that our SlimFlex topdeck gave improved balance and made the car more stable in low speed direction changes and hairpins. 

We also recommend playing with our Rear Bulkhead Stiffener Shim Plate, as this will be a nice compromise with our topdeck if you'd like to lock the rear of the car in more on power.

This topdeck also comes with our Topdeck Flex Restriction Insert which replaces the 7mm bearing and fixes the pivot. This is a very significant change to the kit arrangement, when combined with this more rearward flex bias topdeck, providing a solid flex point at the motor-mount rather than it "floating" about a bearing.

Cutting the tab behind the motor-mount provides a huge adjustment in the flex point of the car, including the overall flex. Combined with the options provided under the chassis by the motor-mount and our rear bulkhead stiffener plate, it can be a very powerful tuning option to tune your chassis to the track.

Lastly, we have narrowed the topdeck near the motor, as previously there was very little clearance which resulted in the topdeck hitting the motor upon flexing, which was most noticeable when using the bearing. Our topdeck features an additional 0.5mm to ensure your flex stays un-effected!

Overall, this topdeck and flex insert provides a huge range of flex options to tune your BD11 to your track condition to make sure you get the most out of it! 

Available in both 1.6mm and 2mm versions. We suggest 1.6mm for use with Aluminium Chassis, and 2mm with Carbon Chassis.


1x SlimFlex 1pc 2.0mm Carbon Topdeck

1x Topdeck Flex Restriction Insert