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SlimFlex 2.2mm HARD Carbon Chassis for Yokomo BD12/MS1.0

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Introducing the third in our SlimFlex range of Enhanced Carbon Chassis', the Yokomo BD12/MS1.0 HARD Chassis. Tested and developed for months alongside our team drivers, we have developed a chassis that we feel improves on the original chassis in many areas!

This particular HARD version chassis features a significantly stiffer weave of carbon, which reduces the flex greatly. The flex of this carbon chassis fills a large void between a standard carbon chassis and an aluminium chassis, making it the optimum choice for med-high traction asphalt, and low-med traction carpet! Often track conditions can cause the need for an "in between" option, where an aluminium chassis is too stiff and makes the car too easy to drive and slower, and a carbon chassis is too aggressive or difficult to drive to be consistent. The stiff carbon chassis is the perfect middle ground! 

We have narrowed the chassis all round to provide less scrubbing in corners, leading to increased corner speed. This increases flex, so to counteract this, we have recessed the diff and spool cutouts instead of cutting them all the way through. Not only does this bring the chassis back up to our desired amount of flex, it also improves aerodynamic performance by not preventing air from under the chassis being forced up into the car, detrimental to downforce. Overall, the chassis is slightly stiffer than the kit chassis, and provides improved response.

It's important to note that the countersinks are just deep enough for low profile screws like the steel ones included in the kit. You will have to use either the standard Yokomo steel countersunk screws or a low profile aftermarket countersunk screw with sharp edges in order to have the screws sitting flush or below in the chassis.

We have also added additional holes to the chassis that will fit our Weight Shift Adjustable Front Weights for the Awesomatix at the front, as well as a hole that will fit our Floating Electronics Plate Set for XRAY X4! (Carbon) (Brass). This stacks a nice amount of floating weight where it's needed most under your transponder and receiver

All of these features combined bring you a chassis which is stronger, more responsive and provides more rotation and on power rear traction than the kit chassis, as found by our team drivers. 

Our chassis are precision cut and countersunk by CNC, in house in Australia from High Quality 3K 2.2mm carbon. 


  • Stiff carbon material for increased rigidity, optimum for low-med traction carpet, or med-high traction asphalt
  • Recessed diff and spool cutouts for optimum flex and aerodynamics
  • Includes Front Weight mounting holes for our "Weight Shift" Front Weights
  • Includes holes to mount Floating Electronics Plate for X4 
  • Narrowed rear track width for greater response, rotation and rear traction on power.
  • Reduced countersink depth for greater strength
  • Precision CNC Machined from High Quality 3K 2.2mm Carbon Fiber