SlimFlex Topdeck for Awesomatix MMCX

Introducing our brand new slimline flex topdeck for the Awesomatix A800X Mid Motor MMCX chassis!

Designed to reduce the profile of the topdeck, it has been optimised to improve the flex characteristics in low traction asphalt and carpet conditions. It increases the overall torsional flex of the chassis both front and rear resulting in more overall grip.

The flex can be altered by either using ST019 screw or removing it from the topdeck. Together with the use of the screws under the motor mount, you can access a large range of flex characteristics, just like the standard topdeck, but with increased "overall" flex throughout the whole footprint. The rear brace is designed to act as a spring, restricting bulkhead flex at this point but not totally removing it like the standard topdeck.

We recommend starting with all 4 screws in the motor-mount from underneath, and ST019 in the topdeck. Upon testing, you can then work from there to alter the flex point based on the balance you feel with the car. We also recommend using our Med Flex Link, or Flex Dampener on the front of the front bulkheads to remove and excess "over-flexing" of the bulkheads.

Additional flex can also be obtained by cutting the rear carbon tab on the topdeck with a Dremel, to increase the length of the flex point to further, increasing flex in the rear of the car 

Recommended Uses:

  • Low-Med Traction Carpet with aluminium chassis
  • Low-Med Traction Asphalt with carbon chassis
  • High Traction Asphalt with aluminium chassis


  • CNC machined in Australia from high quality 2.0mm 3K Carbon Fibre
  • Direct fit onto all A800X MMCX Touring Cars
  • Increases overall grip in low traction asphalt and carpet conditions 
  • increases overall grip in high traction conditions on asphalt where an aluminium chassis with standard topdeck can be too stiff.