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1up Racing Cruz Missile Outdoor Grip Activator

Take your tire additive to the next level with 1up Racing Cruz Missile Outdoor Grip Activator! A perfect pairing for Cruz Missile Outdoor Tire Additive but pairs perfectly with many popular additives including Mighty Gripper, Tire Tweak and so on! 

Use this as a Step 1 tire cleaner - apply to a shop towel and wipe the tires until they are clean. Once dry, apply your tire additive as normal and you'll experience more grip at the start of the run which eliminates the need for excess warm-up laps providing more grip at the end of the run as well!

The Cruz family receives a portion of the proceeds from every bottle sold!

Use only in well ventilated areas.  Use gloves when applying. Read complete product warning label before use, and please, DO NOT drink this stuff!