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About Us

"R/C Car Racing is my life. Driving and competing alone was never enough; I wanted to make an impact... bring fresh ideas to the scene. Get people excited about wrenching on their car and improving on track - and that's why I started RC MAKER" - Ryan Maker

RC MAKER is the creation of top Australian Touring Car driver Ryan Maker.

Ryan is a 4 Time Modified Touring Car Australian National Champion and in 2016 placed #17 at the World Championships in Beijing, China. 

The RC MAKER story begun in 2018, growing and expanding into the store you see today. We are proud to offer all of the great brands we re-sell to the world, as well as our own products, 95% of which are made in house in our factory in Melbourne, Australia. 

"From a young age, I spent years watching and learning as my father designed, manufactured and test flew remote control aeroplanes at the largest Balsa Wood Factory in the Southern Hemisphere. From the age of 7, I was using bandsaws and lathes to bring my ideas and creations to life. At the age of 12, I started racing Remote Control Cars, something which it turns out I am quite good at! But I needed more, it was always about more the wrenching than the driving for me. In 2016, my father built a CNC machine for me to start designing, cutting and testing my own parts and ideas - and that's when I knew I had found my purpose in life."

Ryan's 16 years of competitive racing experience in the industry guarantee you're receiving the best products and advice. All of the products we develop and re-sell, we do so because we believe in them. We have extensive knowledge about every product you see on RC MAKER, and will go to great lengths to ensure you can get the most out of them. Ryan works closely with manufacturers and some of the best drivers in the world to develop his world class products, sponsoring World Champion drivers such as Ronald Völker and Marc Rheinard. 

Bringing you the best products and service is what we have done and will continue to do for our thousands of customers around the world. Shop with confidence knowing that we will be going the extra mile for you, always.

See you at the track!