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3D Pro Carbon Ultra-Lite Centre Body Stiffener for 1/10th EP Onroad

Introducing our 3D Pro Carbon Ultra-Lite Body Stiffener for 1/10th EP Onroad!

The biggest talk in touring at the moment is Low Centre of Gravity and Aerodynamics. Stiffer bodies normally come at the cost of weight and centre of gravity, making it difficult to have a lightweight, yet rigid shell. 

These one-piece stiffeners combine very thin carbon rods with the latest 3D Printing technology to provide a feather weight of only 2.5g! The centre is attached with the supplied double sided tape, and the sides with the provided M3 Screws to provide a very lightweight, stiff and easy to install solution.

These allow you to run lighter bodies to keep the centre of gravity down, but add significant rigidity which is currently unachievable from any thickness body on the market. The stiffness of the sides reduces flapping or bending of the lexan. This greatly increases the cars stability and drivability at high speed.

The plastic parts are printed at a very high resolution and with some of the highest quality filaments on the market to make them fit for the task. They filament provides great ductility and strength when printed on our industrial grade printers. The centre part is rounded to follow the roof of commonly used bodies, whilst the side mounts are shaped to give maximum strength with minimal weight.

The stiffener set comes pre-assembled and includes all mounting hardware for installation. You can also use the glue commonly known as "shoe goo" for attaching the stiffener in the centre and sides if you wish. These have undergone substantial durability testing and have proven to be extremely strong; we haven't broken one on track yet! 

Installation instructions attached in photos


  • Ultra lightweight at only 2.5g for the whole stiffener
  • Suit all 190mm bodies on the market (Zoo, Xtreme, Blitz, Protoform etc)
  • Significantly increased stiffness of the sides and roof of the bodyshell
  • High quality 3D Printed parts with Carbon Fibre rod construction
  • Pre-assembled and includes all required hardware for fitment
  • Tested for both performance and durability by our team drivers