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3D Pro Carbon Ultra-Lite Flexible Centre Body Stiffener (w/Tape)

Introducing our 3D Pro Carbon Ultra-Lite Flexible Centre Body Stiffener!


We wanted to design a body stiffener that was super lightweight, and as a compromise, more flexible than previous versions. The result, is a body stiffener manufactured with entirely flexible materials that weighs almost nothing!

The 3d printed parts in the centre and ends are printed from a flexible and basically unbreakable material, meaning they can conform to the mounting surface (roof and sides) without being under any stress. The rods are 1mm in diameter and are quite flexible and strong, yet stiff enough to prevent unwanted body vibrations or folding in cornering or on the straight.

We're proud to say that this stiffener with all mounting tape weights in at only 1.5g, making it the lightest one piece centre body stiffener on the market!

The stiffener set comes pre-assembled to fit 190mm bodies, and includes all mounting hardware for installation! It simply tapes on with the high quality pre-cut 3M Double Sided Tape.

The stiffener features an arrow on the centre which should be faced towards the front of the car, when installed under the window as shown in the pictures. The stiffener can be flipped around, and also installed in the centre or rear, giving a range of different options, such as how Ronald Völker has opted to install it in the photo. There is no right or wrong position, but this stiffener provides the flexibility to install it how you want! 

We and our team drivers believe this new centre stiffener is our best yet, and hope you'll love using it too!

Used by World, European and ETS Champion Ronald Völker!


  • Ultra lightweight at only 1.5g
  • Super easy installation with included 3M double sided tape
  • Increases stiffness of the sides of the body for maximum aerodynamic efficiency 
  • Fits all popular 190mm bodies on the market
  • High quality Flexible 3D Printed parts with Carbon Fibre rod construction
  • Pre-assembled and includes all required tape for fitment


  • 1x Pre-Assembled Rear Anti Tuck Body Stiffener
  • 3M Pre-Cut Mounting Tape