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3D Pro Hood Stiffener for GeoCarbon Bumper Mount for Yokomo MS1.0

Introducing our brand new 3D Pro Hood Stiffener, compatible with our GeoCarbon Bumper Mount for Yokomo MS1.0!

Perfect for those lightweight bodies, our hood stiffener makes contact with the body, reducing the bodies flex and improving downforce generated by the hood and windscreen directly to the car. This part screws directly to the bumper and can be used with both foam and 3d printed bumpers. The screw at the top of the assembly can then be adjusted to set the height perfectly to the body. These weigh in at only 1.5g, making them the lightest hood stiffener on the market! 

Constructed with 1.5mm Carbon Rod and the latest high quality, high resolution 3d printing technology for maximum rigidity and durability! 

Integrating Bumper Available HERE