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3D Pro Trigger Insert Set for Sanwa M17

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Introducing our brand new 3D Pro Trigger Insert Set for the Sanwa M17!

Often standard triggers can be oversized to fit bigger sized fingers, and not catering as much to people with smaller fingers or people that drive with only the tip of their finger.

Thats why we developed these bigger inserts for the M17. Catering to all finger sizes, they easily allow you to tune your trigger to achieve maximum comfort to suit the size of your fingers and your finger position in the trigger.

Installation is a breeze, they simply slide over the existing trigger and fix with the standard screw.

They come in a set of small, medium and large and feature a very dense, quality 3d printed construction with the inner edge hand bevelled for additional comfort.


  • 3 Sizes catered to smaller finger sizes from medium to small/kids to suit your finger size and finger position.
  • High quality solid 3D Printed construction with hand bevelled inner edge
  • Simple installation on the standard parts