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APS - Additional Progressive Spring set

Awesomatix APS Additional Progressive Spring set for A800R

The APS - Additional Progressive Spring set is designed for use in the Awesomatix A800R touring car.

Progressive conical tapered springs of the APS set press on the lower suspension arms and add a progression into the suspension spring rate. Test results showed more consistent laptimes with improved overall feeling on the low-med grip asphalt and carpet tracks.

Two types of springs are included in the APS set:
--> SPR-P1 spring, adding ~13 gf/mm average suspension rate on the wheel and a slight progression
--> SPR-P2 spring, adding ~20 gf/mm average suspension rate on the wheel and increased progression

The SPR-P1 spring is mainly recommended on the rear end of the car, while the SPR-P2 is recommended for the front end of the car.

It's also possible to add only the progression into suspension rate without increasing the total average suspension rate. In that case you should soften the main leaf springs settings by 13gf/mm when using SPR-P1 and 20gf/mm in case of SPR-P2 usage. 

RC MAKER's take:

How it works?
The APS Spring adds an additional resistance to the arm as it compresses, giving the shock an overall harder, and more progressive feeling. This is beneficial on the Awesomatix, as the leaf spring design tends to be fairly linear, even when using progressive screws. There are two springs to choose from, which will provide different amounts of progression, giving you ways to tune in or out progression at any given spring rate!
Why it works?
Roll generates grip right? Well only to a point. As the car rolls, it transfers weight to different corners of the car, however weight transfer doesn't necessarily provide tire force and grip. On low-medium traction tracks, theres a point where we want the roll to "stiffen" and force the tires down into the asphalt, this is what generates our mid corner traction and corner speed, and quick response. If the car rolls and rolls, without forcing the tire into the ground, it will generate less grip, and become more "lazy" to drive. This is because it has less "rebound" force after rolling. On high traction, this can be a great thing to make the car smooth and easy to drive! However on low to medium traction, this added grip and corner speed is what we're always looking for!

Instruction Manual --> APS Manual


1x C45R-PS

1x C45F-PS

2x SPR-P1

2x SPR-P2

4x ST147

4x P06-1