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Quick Adjust Body Support Shim Plate Set for Mugen MTC2/R

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Introducing our Body Support Shim Plate Set for the Mugen MTC2!

These Shim Plates allow you to make adjustments to the body downstop on the fly, by simply loosening the screws and sliding different thickness plates in under the support.

This may need to be readily changed due to different tires or bodyshells used, and is a quick, easy way to raise or lower this support! 

Each pack comes with a pair of 2mm, 1mm and 0.5mm spacers for fine adjustability and total of 3.5mm adjustment each side. If you require more adjustment, we recommend purchasing two sets. 


  • Quick Adjustment of Body Support for different tires or bodyshells/heights
  • No need to remove the screws of the stopper, simply loosen and slide shims in/out
  • 2mm, 1mm and 0.5mm shims included to make a total of 3.5mm adjustment
  • Precision CNC Machined in Australia from High Quality 3K Carbon Fibre


  • 2x 2mm Shim Plates
  • 2x 1mm Shim Plates
  • 2x 0.5mm Shim Plates