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Brass LCG Front Centre Weight for XRAY X4

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Introducing our new brass option part for the XRAY X4!

With the ultimate place to add weight to your car the centre of the chassis, this weight locates in-front of the motor mount, extending to under the steering rack. It is the perfect way of adding 13g, in the centre and nice and low on your chassis! This can be used instead of our rear T Brace to achieve a more forward bias weight distribution for a more planted, easy to drive car.

It also includes a 0.5mm shim for spacing the weight off the chassis to minimize any flex impedance.

Note: This will only fit when using forward servo mount!


  • Seamless fit when using forward servo mount
  • Central, low and floating off the chassis
  • Can be used with both floating or chassis mounted steering bellcranks
  • Total weight of 13g
  • Laser Engraved RC MAKER logo 
  • CNC Machined in house from 3mm Brass