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Brass LCG Front Side Weight Set for XRAY X4

Introducing our Brass LCG Front Side Weight Set for the XRAY X4!

Locating on the original holes for the chassis stiffener which is widely unused, we developed some unique weights, which add weight on the front of the chassis, in the empty space next to the bulkheads. The pair weigh in at 14g, 7g on each side and are intended to be floated off the chassis with the included shims, so that flex is unaffected.

This weight being outwards fro the centre of the car will have a significant effect on the weight bias and handling of the car. The weight here will make the car less aggressive initially, however make the front of the car roll more on corner exit and mid corner, giving you more rotation in the middle and exit.

This weight adjustment can also be fine tuned by making small adjustments to the front suspension, stiffening it to counteract the extra weight to gain more initial steering back, etc.

Overall, the front side weights are a great way to add weight, and also fine tune the handling of your car, whilst staying above that legal limit! 


  • Unique weight placement for additional tuning options
  • Low Centre of gravity at only 2.5mm thick weighing in at 14g/pair
  • Included shims to float weight off the chassis for uninterrupted flex
  • Stylish design with laser engraved logos
  • CNC Machined in house from 2.5mm Brass