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Brass LCG Rear Weights for Awesomatix A12 - 6.5g ea (2)

Introducing our new LCG Rear Weights for the Awesomatix A12! Weighing in at 6.5g each and only 3mm thick, this is a great option for fine tuning the front/rear balance of your A12! Made from high quality CNC machined brass, each weight features a laser engraved RC MAKER logo on top. 

They attach to the sides of the rear pod, and adds to the unsprung weight of the rear of the chassis.

Using these weights will increase the rotation of the car off power, and the rear traction on power. This can be especially beneficial if you're on a very small track and need rotation for several hairpins. If your car is difficult to drive, we do not recommend using these, rather check out out front weight here!


  • 3mm Thick LCG Design
  • Easy installation on the sides of the rear pod
  • Total 13g (6.5g ea) weight up the rear of the car for weight bias tuning