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Brass Servo Weight (Type 1 - w/ Wire Route)

Introducing our new Brass Servo Weight Range!

This weight is our Type 1 style, which also includes a route for the servo wire behind the weight to keep the wire hidden and organised!

Our Servo weight adds weight behind the servo, which is a very convenient place when looking for places to add weight on your car! It's floating off the servo which ensures it has no impact on the flex of your chassis.

It fits a wide range of applications such as 1/10th EP & GP Touring, 1/10th F1, 1/10th Offroad (2wd & 4wd), 1/8th Onroad & GT and basically any application using a standard size servo!

All weights come pre-installed with super thin double sided tape. Make sure you give the surface of your servo a good wipe with cleaning alcohol or motor-spray before installing!


  • Weight 16g for changing weight bias or balancing your chassis
  • Wire Route on backside to hide your servo wire keeping things clean
  • Sits off the chassis as to not interfere with flex
  • Suits a wide range of applications using a standard size servo (40mm x 20mm)
  • Pre-applied 0.2mm Thick Ultra Sticky Double Sided Tape
  • CNC Machined in Australia from locally sourced brass