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Carbon Bulkhead Alignment Multi-Tool for Mugen MTC2R

Introducing our Bulkhead Alignment Multi-Tool for the Mugen MTC2R! 

Featuring a similar design to the original MSE plate, it allows MTC2 Drivers to align their bulkheads square, which is absolutely crucial to having a square car. Because the caster is ultimately determined by the upper bulkhead angle, any inaccuracy from the bulkhead alignment will be transferred through to the suspension. The multi tool locates onto the keyed areas of the bulkheads and then attaches with via M3 Button head screws. It can be used with an assembled car, all that needs to be removed are the upper bulkheads and diff/spool. 

We have also included some other cool features into the tool. We have a quick bulkhead width checker, which can be slid in under the rear body mount or front bulkhead brace to quickly check if you've got any alignment issues! 

The other cool feature is the track width measurement, simply align one side with the edge of your tire, and see what measurement the other side is reading. A basic, but cool integration which will come in handy when testing and tuning at the track!


  • Aligns all 4 bulkheads at one time with keyed locators.
  • "Quick Check" bulkhead tweak gauge
  • Track width measurement tool
  • Lightweight design at only 15g
  • Engraved RC MAKER Logo and Engraved white measurement indicator 
  • 2mm 3K Carbon Fiber, Manufactured in Australia

Directions of use:

  • Remove upper bulkheads and spool/diff from the car
  • Loosen bulkheads from chassis 1/4 turn each screw
  • Loosen topdeck from bulkheads 1/4 turn each screw
  • Place the car flat on setup board, and attach the plate over the battery side of the car
  • Locate the holes on the carbon onto the bulkheads and lightly tighten all 4 screws each end of the car
  • Turn the car upside down and tighten the lower bulkhead screws
  • Turn the car back upright and tighten the topdeck screws 
  • Remove the Carbon Alignment Tool from the bulkheads
  • Install the spool, diff and upper bulkheads and tighten. 
  • You now have perfectly aligned lower and upper bulkheads!