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Carbon "Quick Adjust" Rear Body Post Spacers for IRIS ONE

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Quickly adjust your rear body height with our Carbon "Quick Adjust" Rear Body Post Spacers!

Open spacers allow you to slide the carbon in under the post without removing the screws, simply loosen them enough to fit the spacer/s and tighten again. These spacers work great for both the standard rear body mount, and our optional GeoCarbon Rear Body Mount! 

The spacers feature a little hole for easy removal with a 1.5mm driver, small pointy tool or body pin.

4x1mm spacers are included in the set, enough to raise each post a total of 2mm. If you would like further adjustment, we suggest buying multiple packs. Just make sure your screws are long enough when adding more spacers! 

CNC Manufactured in Australia from high quality 3K 1mm Carbon Fiber Material