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Carbon Tweak Stick Pro

Introducing our brand new Carbon Tweak Stick Pro!

Taking one of our most popular products of all time next level, the tweak stick pro makes de-tweaking your touring car easier than ever!

The new tweak stick pro stick itself, has some cool features which work well with the new Tweak Stick Pro End Plates, and also offer access to centre motor mount screws which wasn't possible on the original tweak stick. The new Tweak Stick Pro End Plates work great with this new stick are sold separately. They can be found HERE

The Tweak Stick Pro features machined slots for access to motor mount topdeck screws for all chassis on the market, allowing you to tighten them whilst applying pressure on the stick. It also features machined dimples at each end to make locating and tightening your end plates nice and square to the stick every time (So the slots are square to the chassis)! Press the stick down firmly on a flat surface before tightening these grub screws, and make sure both ends are sitting flat and without tweak.

These locating dimples won't be at the perfect position length wise for all cars, so we suggest tightening one first to get the stick and end plates square, and then adjust the second one to the perfect spot for your chassis and tighten whilst flat on a board.

The Tweak Stick End Plates are not included, this is for the stick only. You will need the end plates (Original or Pro Versions) to use this product!