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Volante F1 Front Rubber Slick Tires (Pre-glued)

The brand new highly anticipated Volante F1 Tires are here! Promising superior performance, perfect balance and unrivalled longevity, there is no reason to run anything else.
Available in the following compounds:
VF1-FM - F1 Front Rubber Slick Tires Medium Compound Preglued
- Recommended for Lower traction or Lower temperature conditions for superior steering
VF1-FH - F1 Front Rubber Slick Tires Hard Compound Preglued
- Recommended for Higher traction or Higher temperature conditions for consistency
We recommend Medium Front and Soft Rear for cooler conditions and Hard front and Medium Rear for hotter conditions.
Check out this test video on the Volante test track in Korea, low-medium traction!