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Cyrul 3DFX eXcelerate No Prep Rear Drag Rim - Looper (Wide)

Specifically designed for our 66mm bead tires, our most popular rim from the 3D Printing line up will be re-designed specifically for these tires. These rims will be made to allow for foam or air usage with a Schrader valve (not included). Made from high quality injection molded nylon, our new rims that match up with our V4 Tires, run true and stand up to the speeds of today's no prep drag cars while looking stylish!!

Narrow: To fit cars with floating body mounts or tight clearances to the rims, we have created these new wheels with a decreased overall width by 6.5mm allowing improved clearance as well as a performance tuning option for racers.

Included: 1pair Super V Rear Rim (Wide)
Mounting Bead: 66mm