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FBS - Flexible Ball Stud Set x2

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FBS - Flexible Ball Stud set x 2 --> 

The FBS set consists of two ball studs. It's a very unique design of a dynamic acting ball stud for the suspension.
The O-Ring inside the capsuled steel housing allows a movement of the actual ball stud into every direction. Furthermore the O-Ring provides the needed damping effect.

It can be beneficial in certain conditions, such as lower grip or on very special asphalt/carpet surfaces.
Additionally, it reduces the peak load on the suspension link at crashes.
Depending where the studs are installed, there are different effects which we describe below. 

Basically, the Ball Studs can be used in every position of the car where normal ST24 is in use. 
After tests with our factory team drivers we recommend following use of the FBS: 

#1: Front upper toplinks FR (rear) position. 
It adds more "caster flex" effect which means the front suspension settings change more under load. 
The effect is similar to using softer material for suspension parts, without using softer and weaker material!
On track, the car can generate more front end grip which helps to turn into the corner.
This is recommended for lower to low-med grip conditions. 

#2: Front AM14 steering arms.
Calm down the steering input and remove some sharpness. Can be a good option when the car is too twitchy. 
Furthermore it acts a little bit like an additional Servo Safer and absorbs some of the force when touching barriers. 
Attention! --> It also removes some precision and the actual steering feeling is/can be very different!

#3: Rear AM23 steering arms.
By using the FBS on the rear steering arms, the toe-in of the rear wheels is more dynamic, depending on the force on the wheel. 
Under forward acceleration it slightly opens up and reduces the toe angle which helps for more speed in a straight line. 
In corners, the outside wheel will generate some additional toe angle which adds some extra rear end grip.

The height of the FBS Ball Stud corresponds to the height of a normal ST24 Ball Stud with 3,5mm shims! 

--> Awesomatix T02 is highly recommended!

Step1: Install and tighten ST141 on the car via 6,5mm wrench
Step2: Push the OR1.8-90 into place in ST141 cavity
Step3: Put some grease/lube on the lower shaft of ST24F and push it thru the O-ring
Step2: Install and tighten the nut (ST134) on ST121 via 7 mm wrench

You can also check the explanation video of the FBS on our YouTube channel:

2x ST24F 
2x ST134
2x ST141-1 
2x OR1.8-90