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FD - Topdeck Flex Damper Set

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  1. FD set provides an additional torsional flex of the car's end where it is installed.
  2. FD set provides the adjustable damping of the chassis's deformations caused by the torsional flex.
  3. The damping level of the FD set is adjusted by choice of the silicone oil inside the damper and by choice of the pivoting hole on the arm of the FD rotor.

FD set is recommended for track conditions where the additional chassis' flex is needed - usually it is the low traction bumpy tracks and when your available chassis is too stiff for given conditions.
Recommendations for initial fluid in FD  - 50K...100K silicone oil.
Oil filling method is the same as for the A12 rear damper - put few drops of the oil on the bottom of AM282,  keep AM282 upright for several minutes until all oil reaches the bottom of cavity, insert DT251 into AM282 slowly full way under pushing force and use a needle to provide the excessive oil removal. 

1pcs C127FD
1pcs AM282
1pcs DT251
1pcs OR61V
2pcs SF3X5